WordPress Setup And Hosting (Non-Design)

I’ve shared on how I highly recommend Site Build It for alltherapy and health business websites for serious online presence and ranking in Google and Bing search engines (I wrote an article on how my ugly Solo Build It website makes us at least $100,000 per year in patient generation).

But it’s very hard work and takes hundreds of hours of time.

I easily spent 6 months there doing research and writing article after article of specific and targeted content to reach the specific kinds of patients that I wanted to reach, and it worked brilliantly for me.

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For those who:

  • don’t want the hassle of having to go through the 10 steps of the video Action Guide
  • don’t want to do the research for the articles to write
  • don’t want to write the articles

And if all you want is

  • a simple and pretty website
  • web based email address (or not)
  • just an online presence
  • and you’re alright with WordPress

Then you should consider getting me to do the WordPress Setup And Hosting (Non-Design) for you.

Benefits of this are:

  • you don’t have to worry about the IT/web/hosting technicalities of getting the hosting and the domain name and all the website/WP-related tasks and website downtime etc
  • I will install for you all the necessary plugins and maintain your site (ensuring WordPress and plugins are always up-to-date and always live)
  • you can get a web-based email address ie yourname@yourdomain.com
  • you can get full access to the WordPress site to make changes to the design, put up more content, edit content (you get your own login)
  • and you get to focus on running your therapy business

Things to note is that:

  • this is a pure non-design WordPress installation and hosting service, you will need to engage designers if you want specific designs. WordPress has thousands of free designs and themes that you can go through and select, and there is always the paid premium theme if you want to
  • there is no lock-in commitment, and it’s a pay as you go and you can stop anytime you want. If you decide to self host later, no problem at all, I can push it to your hosting account


  • One time, non-refundable setup fee of USD$ 100
  • Monthly recurring hosting and website management fee of USD$ 20
  • Annual domain name fee of USD$ 16 will be absorbed by me as long as you are on my monthly program

Sample Therapy Sites:


  1. If you’re interested in purchasing this service, get in touch with me by emailing me nigel@therapyentrepreneurs.com with the title: WordPress Setup And Hosting
  2. I will get in touch with you to ask you about to say hello and ask on the domain name you prefer (I recommend you come up with 3-5) based on your therapy business name
  3. Payment: I require you to make an upfront payment of USD$ 120 which will be the one time setup fee and first month’s monthly fee, which I will raise by PayPal to you two invoices First invoice being USD$ 100 for WordPress setup (one time)Second invoice is the monthly recurring USD $20 for hosting and site management
  4. Once payment has been received, I will liaise and confirm with you that payment has been received and to confirm the preferred domain name that you want
  5. Purchase of domain name
  6. Installation of free WordPress theme
  7. Installation of top 5 – 10 top recommended WordPress plugins that focus on preventing attacks, preventing spammers, faster loading time for pictures and content, site statistics, sitemap generator
  8. Get your site uploaded into Google and Bing search engines so it’d be indexed faster (means the articles and contents you write/upload will be quicker indexed into the search engines, which means that your site will rank faster)
  9. Create a user login specific for you for you to access your WordPress site where you can login and add content, change the layout etc
  10. Optional: create a web-based email account
  11. Optional: create a paid business Gmail account for emails
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