Why Therapists Should Never Use Free Websites

Therapists who are freelancing or business owners should never use free websites to market their businesses, such as:

  • Blogger (yourdomain.blogspot.com)
  • WordPress (yourdomain.wordpress.com)
  • SiteRubix (yourdomain.siterubix.com)

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of options of free websites available in the market, but for readers of Therapy Business School, do not ever sign up for free websites.

Here’s the reasons why:

#1 The domain doesn’t belong to you

You’re mainly marketing another company’s brand such as Blogspot, WordPress, SiteRubix etc. Why do you think they’re allowing you to use it for free? Of course it’s because you’re marketing their brand by using domains such as

  • yourbrand.blogspot.com (Blogger’s brand)
  • yourbrand.wordpress.com (WordPress’ brand)
  • yourbrand.siterubix.com (SiteRubix’s brand)
  • etc

Don’t dilute your brand.

Your brand needs to standalone, like how TherapyBusinessAdvisor.com stands by itself. In fact, ALL my businesses have their own standalone domain names and I’ve never used free (ok, when I was youngish, at 16+ I used Blogspot for my own personal blog).

But bring focused and professional: use your own domain name. sign up with Site Build It, where I built a SBI-powered therapy website that gave me 6-figure patient referrals per year, every year

And this links to…

#2 Your contents may be your own, but for free sites the domain owner can shut it down anytime. Without your consent.

At any of the free sites, the free site owner/management can shut your free site (even though it’s free) if they suspect or think you’re in violation of anything (by accident or by your evil competitors), and your hours, days, weeks, months and years of content can just disappear.

It can be caused by glitches, complaints by competitors, or just policy changes.


Just like that. And it really sucks.

Or if it didn’t disappear, and you decide to port over everything…it has to be done manually, and your new website won’t be recognized as a mature site even though in the old free site, you’ve been writing for years.

The new site will still be a new site, and you have to build it all over again.

#3 It cheapens your brand and worse, negatively impacts clients perception of you

This is the biggest problem in my opinion and experience, because it’d damage your brand and reputation even without you realizing it. It’s like having free email yourname@gmail.com.

Those free emails and free domains are sort of ok for personal use (I still want full control of my site and its contents), but never for professional therapy businesses, freelancing or not. Clients will think that “if you can skimp on this…would you skimp on other things?”

Like quality?

They may not say it out loud, but they definitely think it.

It’s the same like walking into a second hand car shop versus walking into a Rolls Royce showroom.

It’s different. It’s class.

If you’re not a techie and hate doing all that website setup and installation etc, then visit my services page. I do help therapists and therapy business owners to setup either WordPress or SBI therapy sites for a fee.

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