Who Are My Target Readers

Having been built a 7-figure-plus multi-disciplinary, multi-clinic therapy and rehab business, I’m very comfortable and confident in the starting, building and growth of therapy practices that involves/includes:

  • physical therapy / physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • hand therapy
  • Chinese Medicine and acupuncture
  • massage therapy (including sports and deep tissue massage)
  • podiatry
  • pilates / clinical pilates
  • personal training / sports therapy
  • osteopathy
  • chiropractic

These were all divisions in the complex rehab business that I run and that was subsequently acquired by a larger health company, so if you’re an employee or business owner of any of the above, I’ve built that business and am able to confidently share with you how to start, build and grow your own therapy businesses.

By extension, any health or therapy employee or business is also applicable, including: to general practitioners (GPs), specialists, nurses, dentists, midwife or any professionals who provide a professional service either as an employee or as a business owner, the information in TherapyBusinessAdvisor.com can also be beneficial to you.

If you are in senior management of health organizations, such as clinics, hospitals and health agencies, or a health business investor, we will also be able to connect on covering finance, administrative, staffing and policy-related matters.

For ease of writing and reading, I will be addressing “therapists” as the main readers and “patients” as the clients/customers.

Thanks for visiting and reading; do comment and share what you think – I read every single comment =)

Note: by extension, the principles herein on therapy business entrepreneurship, management, leadership and marketing can also be applied to other similar services such as tutor (music, academic, etc), coach, accounting/book keeping etc.

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