Therapy Entrepreneurs Marketing For The New Economy

Therapy Entrepreneurs Marketing For The New Economy aims to be a therapy business resource book to help therapy entrepreneurs grow their therapy businesses, and will include hundreds of proven, tried and tested strategies and tactics to transform your therapy business by adding/multiplying streams of new patients, day in day out.

  1. Developing the mindset of a successful therapy business owner
  2. Identifying key marketing leverage points for explosive therapy business growth
  3. Moving patients up the ascension ladder
  4. Adding more revenue sources in your therapy business
  5. Less-known techniques of therapy website structuring to attract and convert more patients
  6. How to win patients and influencing them to refer their family, friends and colleagues
  7. How to get physicians, doctors and other referral sources to approach you with patients
  8. Mini-celebrity Therapy Marketing - winning over your community
  9. How to use email autoresponders to get patients to know, like and trust you...before they even need treatment
  10. How to use mobile marketing to connect and engage with existing patients and get new referrals

Once completed, I will collate them into a book - thank you for your support.

At this point in writing since January 2018, I am not affiliated to any therapy businesses whatsoever as I've stepped down from Urbanrehab management and leadership position though I am still a significant minority; and am taking a sabbatical to spend time with children, wife and family; pondering my next steps and I hope to publish some books if possible.

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