The 98%

I give away 98% of my content for free, and I try my best to make it the best it can be for the freelance therapists and therapy business owners.

Ultimate Guides

  1. Freelance Therapist Or Therapy Business Owner?
  2. 344 Ways To Grow Your Therapy Business
  3. How To Build A Therapy Website That Sends $100K Patients To Your Therapy Practice
  4. How To Find, Hire And Retain The Best Therapists
  5. How To Fire Toxic, Nasty And Negative Therapists And Staff
  6. How To Get Your First Three Paying Patients
  7. No Namecards, No Problem
  8. Therapy Elevator Pitch And How To Introduce Yourself Properly

Collections / Pre-Books

These are my writings on therapy entrepreneurship which I will publish as books in due time. In the meantime, enjoy and learn from them - I welcome feedback and ideas.

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