Thankful Physio Reminded Me Of What I Do Best

Just the other day when one of my therapists joined me for my doctor appointment (I wanted to give her facetime with the orthopedic surgeon) for my left shoulder.

But there was about 40 minutes wait so we had a chat before the appointment, and during that time she told me this:

Nigel, when I saw my revenue-sharing amount, I was shocked. Because in my previous job, they paid me very low and even then I was ok with it.

Here with this amount I got paid, it’s close to 3x what I got before, and I felt that I need to return you half.

Thank you so much Nigel, you’ve not only given me an opportunity to work with you but it’s such an amazing environment and I am so happy here.

Initially I brushed it off because to me, I created a platform for all the clinicians (and even my front counter) to be a pure-revenue-sharing platform with full transparency and open culture, and it’s such that only the best will be able to thrive and grow.

Those that don’t do well, will automatically sink; and because it’s transparent and performance-based, it’s so much easier for me: I don’t have to do pep talks or motivate, those who come and stay with us are self-driven and self-managing.

This makes things so much simpler, less complex and happy.

In fact, the amount she earned, she can still double it to a 5-figure amount, with consistent work and marketing.

Does it mean that we as a business, earn less? In a sense, yes, if we employed only fixed salaried therapists, we will definitely make more as a business BUT we will have to deal with more issues such as:

  • motivation to come to work and get patient well or back
  • yearly promotions and increment issues
  • and more

I decided from the very beginning that my business that I build and grow:

  • needs to be fully/as transparent as possible in the sense that therapists know how much we make and how much is spent
  • we pay therapists as much as possible which is 50% after any special deductions, and we have special incentives for high performers
  • quality over quantity
  • positive, experienced and self-driven specialist therapists only
  • and limited therapists by disciplines at any clinics in a given timeframe (too many will cannibalize sales internally UNLESS they have their own referring surgeons/doctors/patients)

And that’s what I have foreseen, thought over for a long time and decided since 2011, and with minor tweaking over the years, it has worked beautifully.

And she reminded me how thankful and appreciative she is, and how the rest of the therapist has been with me for years, and that’s a strong testament to how it has worked well and is what the therapists appreciate and love.

This is who I am, and what I do: helping therapists build meaningful, profitable, fun and social therapy businesses. Thank you to my therapy team who allows me to do what I love doing too.

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