Small therapy practices versus large therapy practices

During one of our recent management chats, following the recent mad launching of 2 clinics (these are very busy mature clinics with strong referral loads), we realized that it’s taking so much time to simply manage a business with 25+ therapists and 7+ receptionists.

And we’re hiring 2 more receptionists!

With 5 busy clinics, 2 of them flagships (5 treatment rooms each) and another 3 medium sized clinics (2 treatment rooms each), it takes a lot of time to look at the overview, overarching strategy, and manage the receptionists, therapists, and clinics as a whole.

The inventory use has gone up significantly, as well as the frequency and depth of communications via email and in person too.

Overall, management requirement has increased more than 4x.

I look at our management team and we all have the silent, knowing looks. And then we laugh together. One of our management person who joined us just 11 months ago, was amazed at the growth rate that had happened over the last 11 months: we had fired 4 staff (2 therapists, 2 receptionists), hired 4 receptionists and 4 therapists, opened 3 clinics.

All in the span of 11 months.

This is what you can expect in a larger setup or a multi-chain physiotherapy practice.

It is very dynamic in a macro perspective, and smaller clinics that has less than 4 therapists doesn’t have such experiences, usually dynamic in a much smaller, micro perspective.

There’s no right/wrong or good/bad here, more like it’s a different requirement and experience, and I will say that I actually like a larger setup because of the diversity of relationships and experience and cross-referring capability.

Yes, it’s a lot more work and management required but I quite like it so far.

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