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Thank you for visiting TherapyBusinessAdvisor’s Services Page. The services that we provide at this point in time are:

Website Installation (Non-design) + Hosting

  • WordPress For those who wants a therapy business website that is versatile, sleek and functional. Comes with direct editorial access ie you can access directly, add in and modify content; as well as free web-based email address. Read more here.
  • Site Build It My SBI-powered therapy website sent $100K worth of patients to us every year, and that’s why I’m so biased for Site Build It. SBI is a bit more clunky and not as easy to use, but it just works. I recommend you learn to do it yourself, but for those who want me to help them setup their SBI-powered therapy website, read more here.

Business Gmail Installation

This is an add-on service to our WordPress and Solo Build It installation + hosting service. For those who wants business Gmail on top of WordPress installation by me (because business Gmail is much easier to use than free web-based email). Read more here.

Appointment System Setup & Management

We use Cliniko for all our therapy clinics - it's easy to use, intuitive, affordable. And I can't tell you how much the SMS and email reminders help to increase turn-up rates as well as decrease late-comers and last-minute- cancellers. If you'd like me to help you set it up and manage it, read more.

Therapy Business Plan Review

If you’re planning to start/launch your new therapy business, or want insight into your current therapy business, this is a one-time consult/review based on your business plan submission. Read more here.

Therapy Business Coaching

Therapy business coaching is possibly one of the best decisions that any therapy business owners can make to unlock their therapy business earning and operational potential. Read more here. Read more here.

Project Manage A Clinic Setup/Launch (Singapore and Asia Pacific)

If you’re planning to start/launch new therapy clinics and want proven, tried-and-tested insight into planning and setting up a patient, therapist and front desk-friendly clinic. Read more here.

Therapy Business Professional Management (Singapore only)

I’m a big fan of delegation and outsourcing based on strengths and skills, and like how I hire accountants to do finance/account works, designers to design name cards, letter heads and website, I love managing therapy businesses to simplify processes, decrease leaks and maximize revenue. Read more here.

Therapy Business Advisory

For those who do not want to outsource their management, but wants advisory from the years and experience of me who has built a multiple seven figure therapy business and sold it. Read more here.

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