Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same for your therapy business. Be patient and consistent.

I am a hustler. I have been hustling since I was 16 years old and taking part time jobs…

But after building my therapy business from a $65 one-therapist therapy start up to a seven figure specialist group today, looking back, I realized that it has taken a series of decisions, consistent actions over time.

We overcame many tough challenges, like pricing. Hiring the best. Firing bad ones (and NOT hiring many bad-fit). We sought good opportunities, and got many okay ones, a couple of really super good ones and rode through some bad ones.

It’s one thing starting out and learning how to price at $60 to $80, and upgrading today to price at market rate.

It takes time. It takes experience. It  takes a series of decisions, opportunities and mistakes.

Every large business today starts off humble and small, and work their ways up. No therapists ever starts with a massively successful and profitable therapy business.

Therapy Entrepreneurs will help you to cut-short the learning process and accelerate your growth, yes, but do not rush the process, and at the same time, do not take it for granted.

The key for today is to keep focusing, being consistent, and doing good work and building the foundation for success.

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