Never Let Patients Decide When The Next Therapy Appointment Is Booked

I cringe whenever I hear my therapists or front counter ask the patient this:

“When will you come in again?”
“Have you booked your session?”
“Call me when you need me/do.”


I want to poke my own eyeballs and pull out my hair by fistfuls.

Uh-uh, you never let the patients decide when they will come in next. It is you, the therapist in charge of their rehab and fitness, who should and will decide if they need to come in weekly, or twice weekly, or whatever, at your expert and clinical discretion.


It’s simple – you ARE the clinical expert and rehab specialist. You have assessed them, even treated them, hence you are the one who KNOWS when and how often they need to come in to get treated to reach their rehab and fitness goals.

I do not ever let my front counter be the one who advises the next appointment for the patients, and the reasons for this is:

  • front desks aren’t rehab or therapy professionals/experts
  • patients listen to their therapists first and foremost

The best case for you is to tell the patients when their next session should be, and book it in directly on the computer, right in front of them, as the session ends.

That way, the next appointment is settled on the spot, and patients can just go to the front desk to make payment.

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