My old and phased out Ugly Therapy Website That Makes Me $100K Per Year In Patient Generation

Please note that Site Build It (SBI) has been renamed to Solo Build It (still SBI) in early 2017. They mean the same thing.

Having an online presence is very important for any business, let alone a therapy business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start up or have been around the block for some time: your business needs a strong online presence.

I’ve two therapy website building resources for you to consider:

#1 Site Build It ($100K Patient Generating Therapy Website)

Many people laugh at my old therapy website, which was built on a proprietory platform called Solo Build It and my old site looked like this:

So many laugh at this website…but I quietly smile to my P&L then

And honestly, I don’t blame them. It does look very clunky and old school, like it was stuck in the 90s sort of design. And it costed me exactly $299 USD per website per year (today there is the monthly version at $29.99 per month)

But what many people couldn’t recognize what that it was a website that because it was ranked well, it passively sent at least $100,000 per year worth of converted readers to patients, or 9-10% of my gross revenues. Yes, six figures. All on auto pilot.

And no, not lying or exaggerating.

I know because we track using initial registration form: new patients had to fill in this form whenever they come to us for the first time, and this data will be updated into our billing form. Of course, I had put in the hard work since 2010 and built a monster authority website with 400+ physio and rehab specific articles on it.

Conclusion on Site Build It:

Frankly it is ugly but more importantly, it was simple and did its job very well and without distraction. The problem of using WordPress is that it has so many plugins, bells and whistles and updates that it tends to confuse and distract users (more on that below).

Using Site Build It sort of “forced” me to be ultra focused on creating high quality content which got us good to high rankings in Google, lots of traffic and conversion to sales. It also has an Action Guide (AG) which taught me the step by step of how to research, write articles and build my therapy website.

I highly recommend any health and therapy service business to use Site Build It to build their high traffic therapy websites. If I had to do it again, I WILL still use Site Build It for any professional services website.

The old link is Unfortunately, the company that acquired our therapy business didn’t like how old-school the old website looked, and got it changed in August 2016. Our design fees for the new website was close to $9000 and hosting was $600 per year.

I cannot tell you how sad I was when they told me to phase out the old website. I had explained that it works very well, but they told me "with the new one, it'd be even better."


You can see how Site Build It was a bargain for me based on how many patients it had sent our way, and if I had my way, I’d kept the site as it was.

>>> Try Site Build It for your therapy business here <<<

#2 Self Hosted WordPress

For those who prefer

  • a more sleek and updated design or
  • just want a simple website/online presence
  • want to create multiple websites

Then you can sign up with BlueHost, which primarily uses WordPress.

What I like about using WordPress is that they look so much prettier and sleeker, with the thousands of designs and more importantly, the strength of WordPress is in its socialization and tribe building: it’s so much easier for readers to comment and share.

That being said I don’t recommend it for therapy websites and businesses because of a few reasons:

  • you as a therapy business owner, should focus more on providing services, not having to keep responding to comments. You want to build a monster authority niche site that passively sent traffic and patients to you (this is the number 1 reason I recommend Site Build It to any therapy and health business owners)
  • health and therapy business is a little “gray” when it comes to being social and active on social media. I mean, I find it hard to tell patients/potential patients that “hey, if you fractured something, we can help you” – sometimes it’s hard to advertise or mention that (this is the reason why you don’t really see hospitals or clinics advertising their services)
  • they cannot link with Google Suite for email, and you can only use a web-based mail service. I truly love my business Gmail, which is so easy to use to send and receive mail, and I have tried using their webmail but I absolutely hate it.

But BlueHost is great if you:

  • have multiple clinics with different names and want to create different WordPress sites for every single clinic
  • love social media and being social
  • are an affiliate for different products and want to create a WordPress site for every single product

Conclusion of Site Build It versus self hosted WordPress for therapy businesses

I still will personally put my hand up for Site Build It, anytime, as my de-facto website builder for any health and therapy business. I’ve shared my reasons but it warrants to share again:

  • $299 per year or $29.99 per month for highly integrated functions (high traffic WordPress sites you will have to get a dedicated server that can cost you anything from $30 to $200 per month)
  • there are newer designs now compared to what I had then
  • it consistently drove patients to our business, all on passive and autopilot
  • I didn’t have to keep updating plugins and just had to focus on content
  • I could connect it to business Gmail which was much better than web-based email

It is a no brainer to me.

Regardless if you’re starting out with your therapy business, or you’re a veteran in the therapy business arena, go for Solo Build It. Especially if your existing website doesn’t send you at least 5-10 patients a month. I've been using it since 2010, and my therapy website sends me at least 5 new patients per month.

At the very least.

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