My Six-Figure Physiotherapy Website: How I Did It

This article covers building an online, automated, lead-and-client generating website and what I did to start and build it over time. It’s boring but it works.

Before we start let me put the numbers up so that it’d be easy and clear for you to understand: six figures here means a minimum of $100,000 of revenue, and given that our clinic’s follow up sessions are $135 per session, it’d be about 740 appointments. Assuming 1 new lead/client has about 6 to 8 sessions of physiotherapy/rehab (let’s anchor at 6), so that means 740 / 6 = 123 new clients from online.

That means that the website has to generate me 10 clients every month, for 12 months.

Since we were already acquired, I am not legally able to share with you highly granular details; I can verbally confirm that we have already achieved $100,000 from online (tracked from our new client forms and inputted into the system of which we can pull out and confirm that we’ve hit $100,000 from clients generated online.

On average, we got about 30,000 page views and 8,000 visitors per month, and of this 30,000 page views, an average 10% was from Singapore.

This means 3,000 page views and 800 visitors are from Singapore, and of this 800 visitors, 10 were converted to sales (ie conversion rate 0.0125%).

So that’s the numbers, and this is what I did:

#1 Do not build websites on free platforms

Yes, you can get free websites, but I don’t recommend it for professional services and business like physiotherapy or rehab, as free sites has an additional name at the back of the domain you choose.

An example, with SiteRubix, your site’s name will be

Compare that with your competitor who has

Clients will immediately think that  you’re skimping on necessary expenses, and extrapolate to think:

if you’re skimping on that…will you skimp on other things as well? Like professional services? Quality?

Worse, they start thinking that your competitor is better than you.

Really? Just because of that?

Yes. It makes a difference. It’s an explicit brand experience that is very subtle but very clear to clients.

This article isn’t about how to build a website, it’s about how to build a six-figure (and more) lead-and-client generating website for therapists.

#2 Learn and master the keywords that is specific to you and your practice

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Search by:

  • profession ie “physiotherapy” or “chiropractic” or “massage therapy”
  • conditions you treat “back pain”, “neck pain” (list all the conditions you treat)

If you use the premium version, you will get a lot more depth and functions (very important when you’re serious about building a solid online presence) and hundreds of keywords. If you use the free version, you’ll get 10 keywords.

List down all the keywords into an excel, and then do this:


This is very important, pay attention to it. The reason why I say it’s important is because you want to know what your clients type EXACTLY into the search engines, and it’s usually a combination of:

  • the pain/discomfort/condition they have
  • the profession they think can treat it
  • the location convenient to them

Think about it.

Don’t you do that too? Say you want to eat pizza near your neighborhood. What do you type into the search engine?

Good pizza + location


So back to the keyword combination: an example would be back pain physiotherapy singapore. Or massage therapy shoulder tightness Orlando. Or foot pain podiatry Chinatown.

Do this exercise until you have exhausted the list of keywords from above, and you should have a good minimum 20 – 100+ keywords to write on.

Yes? Great.

#3 Website creation time

Depending on your ability to concentrate or time, write out 2 – 10 posts a week, and repeat until you’ve completed all your keywords. Obviously if you have diverse professions with you, you will have so much more to write about (we have 500+ posts, and will keep adding until we have thousands of pages).

Success takes time and consistency.

Please note that I built the website a post/page a time, from 2010 to today, so that’s 500 post divided 5.5 years = 91 posts a year, which is roughly 7.5 posts a month, or 1.875 per week.

#4 Once you have more budget

You can hire writers to write for you (I refused to hire writers because we run a specialist rehab group, and we didn’t want writers who don’t really know or understand what we do) - but now as I grow older and busier, I appreciate my time more.

You can outsource therapy article writing and see our other TherapySEO services here.

If you have other therapists working with you, you can get your therapists to write articles for you, and in turn, to incentivize/reward them, you can put a link to their profile or contact. Meaning the article will act as a specific lead generator to them.

You can start a Facebook page, and pay for ads on it (I don’t do this because I didn’t have time nor was interested in social media)

That’s all I did. Rinse and repeat. Do it now.

Your business will thank you for it. Thank me later.

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