Massive Win: Therapist’s Parents Told Therapist Daughter To Follow Me Forever

One of my therapists, Nisha, just gave birth not long, and myself and my wife went to visit her in her house and we met her, her mum and dad, her dog Gizmo and her beautiful baby boy, Kai.

Louise was chit chatting more with Nisha (I think it’s the new mothers – new mothers talking) and so I was with Nisha’s parents, and I enjoyed chatting with her dad so much (he really loves his koi, and is a very accomplished entrepreneur – those kind that will likely never retire, in a good sense) and I told him that I’d love to visit him and his koi garden when I visit UK.

A couple of weeks after that, when I met Nisha again in clinic (she’s on maternity), she told me that her dad told her:

“You must never leave Nigel, you must follow him forever.”

OMG – what a wonderful compliment it is to me, thank you so much.

These are what that makes me so happy, because truly, money is nice to make, but what makes me truly happy is when I serve my therapist and people well, am sincere and loving with what I do, and they reciprocate – I am happy.

Love and culture is my long term and sustainable approach to therapy business success.

I’ll do this for as long as I can =)

PS: this “win” is not a commercial win, but more of a personal one. This is one of the reasons why we decided to be our own bosses, build our own therapy businesses with our own rules that is to bring in the best and love and take care of them. I love what I do.

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