Long-Term Strategy: Loving And Trusting Your People

It always never cease to amaze me how amazing people are.

And they become even more amazing when you entrust things and responsibilities to them in a way that shows that you trust them. I’ve sent out such texts and messages multiple times whenever I go away (or stay away from the business):

Team, I’ll be away for xx time, and during this time, I authorize you to make all decisions that are below $500 – make decisions that is in the best interest of the company and yourselves: I trust in you

I let them make mistakes and decisions.

When a mistake is done, it’s not “time to grill/fry someone”, but it becomes a learning and growth opportunity for that person and the group as a whole.

This is a very important element in my business philosophy and approach.

This trust exercise allows me to let the business auto-run and auto-correct itself, without bottle-necking with me as the main chain-of-command, especially at lower level tasks/responsibilities (I limit it to $500 decisions, and I often make decisions that will have tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars impact), and I foresee I will start allowing more selected people make decisions that are of higher value ie more than $500, as time goes by.

And as I do that, the therapy business that I run will become more automated and yet more refined and improved, because I trust the people who will then be able to grow and make better decisions – in the end, the therapy business itself will keep on growing and growing and growing.

Of course, I will keep an eye on it, cull out the bad front desks and therapists (see removing unsuitable staff) and keep pruning until only the best remains. I’ve found that when the business is made of good people, more good people will stay.

If you leave and don’t fire bad people, all the good ones will leave…leaving you with the bad ones.

Thing is, love your people and trust them. Do good things for them and give them chance to grow: this will allow your business to self-grow with people who will reciprocate your love and trust…and you don’t have to keep micro-managing and breathing down their necks.

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