How Often Should A Patient Come Back For Follow Up Appointments?

This is best left entirely to the therapist in-charge of the patient, for it is them who would have assessed, treated and understand the problem the patient has, and know how often and how frequent the patients should come back.

And it is the therapist’s responsibility to ensure that the patients understand why they need to come back x amount of times for y duration, and not just bring them back to make their money – it’s never just about making money being in private practice:

it’s about the freedom to truly treat your patients right and get them as close to 100% as possible (pretty hard for this to happen in public sector)

For me, at least that is my #1 reason.

#2 was to be in control of my finances (and not having to beg and impress my superiors to give me bonuses and increments – UGH).

#3 was to create therapy jobs for therapists who love my values

That’s me.

For freelancers or private practice therapists who earn their keep via performance based commissions or revenue share, you do not ever “milk” the system/patients ie bringing patients back just because they can pay, and just because you can – that’s a strict no-no.

My approach is to bring them back as often as you need, with clinical discretion, with the goal of bringing them to as close as 100% as possible.

If this means 4 sessions – ok.

If this means 6 sessions – ok.

If it's 10 or more - consider sending them either back to the referring physician, or if the patient hadn't seen a doctor yet, send them to one - both the doctor and patient will thank you for it.

Whatever it means to bring the patients to 100%.

I repeat: do not just treat patients as cash cows to be milked and make more money – patients know it and they will likely more than not, not come back again. Be sincere, be real, treat patients right and get them to 100% – that’s what they’re there for in the first place right?

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