Honey > Vinegar

I caught this caption as I was watching Gary V’s video, and he shared on

Honey > Vinegar

Whereby it’s more important to demonstrate positive energy, leadership, caring, sincerity, love, openness, truth, transparency for a business to grow, as compared to using the vinegar, stick, threats, punishments as motivations.

And I 100% agree.

That is how and who I am, how I roll, and that’s the culture that I’ve built my businesses with. All my therapists, front counter staff, vendors and patients can and will experience that in as many layers as they can.

And conversely, when I communicate and deal with companies or individuals that use the vinegar approach: it leaves a sick feeling in my stomach and entire being, and I don’t want to be anyplace near that individual or company if I can help it.

If you’re in a position of influence and power today, either as an employee or therapy business owner, consider this approach of honey.

People respond much better when it comes to the soft and sweet way.

Of course, we’re no pushovers, and when we need to chide, fire, give warning letters patients or clients, we will do so as well; but we will do it the soft and sweet way.

Think about it: what kinds of workplaces or homes you’d want to be part of? A sour vinegar one where there is punishments, fear etc? Or the one with openness, love, sincerity, warmth?

All things being equal, of course the honey one. It’d create such an atmosphere of joy that people LOVE to work there, and that’s what I’m building and looking for.

Try it, and let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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