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Good Front Desk Is Very Important

It's very easy to undermine and underestimate having good front desk because, after all, the money and revenue IS generated by the skilled and experience therapists.

Yes, that is part true and part not true.

True when it's a small 1-2 room practice, where it's a very small therapy business, and the therapists can double as front desk for appointments, billing etc.

However, at scale, no, definitely not.

When we have 1500-2000 appointments per month, averaging 70+ appointments per day, no, the therapy business will need a very experienced front desk who can juggle and effectively and efficiently manage:

  • ongoing calls for appointment bookings, cancellations and rescheduling
  • at the same time, handle booking, billing, purchasing, enquiries of patients that is RIGHT in front of them
  • handle SMSes, emails, WhatsApps by leads and existing patients
  • ensure the clinic runs smoothly when it comes to printing, laundry, refreshments, stationery, hardware/software, cleanliness
  • handling unhappy patients
  • handling happy patients
  • and more.

Yes, handling budget is important, but "flow and synergy" is more important to grow and scale for the business to run.

It'd be terrible to undermine having good front desks and then struggling with the above matters.

What do you think?

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