Fired 8 Staff To Date (And It’s Not A Fun Thing To Do)

It’s been an interesting time, and upon looking back, today’s 27th December 2016, I realized that I’ve actually fired 8 staff to date.

  • Four of which are front desk/receptionists.
  • Four of which are therapists.

The first 2 front desk and 2 therapist were removed in 2014, and the following 2 front desk and 2 therapist were removed in 2016. It’s like two different years of purging the bad stuff from the business, and what I can say is that it was such a steep learning curve for me each time, but each time it’s done, the business grows positively and exponentially.

You’d be MUCH happier and relaxed too. That’s when I realized if we “tolerated things and processes and people that are detrimental to our businesses, culture and group – it lowers the experience, culture and DNA of the entire group”.

Do not tolerate incompetence, negativity, backstabbing, politicking – all the stuff that you don’t like, do not accept or tolerate.

Therapy business owners, it is your responsibility to remove all the negative and toxic and non-committal personnel from your business: they are bottlenecks to growth, but worse is their toxicity.

If you do not deal with them early, other “good” staff will be made to pay the price and ultimately, the good people will leave and the nasty, toxic one will remain.

A terrible, terrible situation.


I’ll create a series of posts on each of them (whilst protecting their names) but my experience and what kinds of people you shouldn’t never partner with or bring on as staff into your team.

Please understand, removing people from my organizations is never easy, and always personal to me.

These are friend, people whom I know.

It’s been tough, ever since I knew I had to do it, and it’s remained tough till today. But the business and the team always thank me for it.

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