Why You Need To Diversify Your Referral Sources

At the very top and apex of your marketing campaign should only be one main focus:

diversify your referral sources

The reason for this is very simple: diverse referral sources means that

  • you are more hedged in case any referral streams dry out, you’d still have other streams of referrals
  • it also means that you’d have access to a more well-mixed and different groups in society, such that your reach is wider AND you get experience across different groups

That is why you are always recommended to both acquire new referral sources AND nurture old/recurring referral sources.

Out of sight, out of mind

It is too easy to “blame busy-ness” and neglect the referral sources and relationships that you’d painstakingly built, but understand that the marketplace can be unforgiving: you need to expect that your competitors are always trying to get your referral sources to refer to them instead of you, and that’s why…

Focus on high value and long term marketing activities

I am the sort that prefer to know what marketing activities can send me patients and referrals for the long term, so I don’t really like:

  • paying for an ad (which tends to be 1-time), unless you keep paying for ads (some ads need consistent exposure to gain traction)
  • spending time and money on social media like Twitter or Facebook
  • doing talks and roadshows
  • and any other activities that tend to be once-off

The reason for this is because the effects are not recurring or long lasting. It’s a waste of time, effort and resources.

In the same line of thought, that’s why I prefer to focus on:

  • building a strong website and get found on Google search engine
  • building and nurturing referral relationships that matter with GPs, surgeons and patients

You see, my website drives 10% of our patients, day in and day out, all passively. And the more I build specific niche articles, the more my website and pages will rank, and the more patients will come in. All on autopilot.

And the other 80+% is based on doctor referrals and word of mouth.

These two are the main activities that we spend time on, and it’s very slow to build, but once it’s built, its an automatic machine (need to spend time with doctors and patients always) that brings patients in through the door.

Focus on high value and long term marketing activities

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