Therapy Entrepreneurs MBA
Master The Business Of Therapy

Therapy Entrepreneurs MBA was inspired by Josh Kaufman's The Personal MBA, and I sought to create a similar book and teachings specificly for therapy entrepreneurs.

It is detailed and covers a lot of ground and aims to be an evergreen resource for the budding therapy entrepreneur or seasoned one, one-person to multi-clinic therapy business owners.

  1. Introduction: Why read Therapy Entrepreneurs MBA
  2. Value Creation
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Value Delivery
  6. Finance And Numbers
  7. Our Human Mind
  8. Working With Yourself
  9. Working With Others
  10. Understanding Systems
  11. Analyzing Systems
  12. Improving Systems
  13. Acknowledgements
  14. Additional stuff: 49 questions to improve your therapy business

When I've finished writing these all - I'll put it into a book format =)

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