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Welcome To Therapy Entrepreneurs, a success resource and community for rehab, therapy, sports and wellness therapists!

Since 2017, Therapy Entrepreneurs has been the home for therapists wanting to earn more from their therapy skills, experience and businesses either through freelancing, having a solo practice or build multi-site and/or multi-therapist practices.

We will keep adding posts, tips, tutorials and more on therapy business marketing, leadership, hiring, sales and more on therapy entrepreneurship. aims to be the place where therapy entrepreneurs gather to network, learn from each other as well as for me to share what I had learnt building my therapy business from a humble $65 start up to a seven-figure multi-site, multi-therapist practice that was eventually acquired by a larger health company for a 7-figure merger and acquisition (M&A) deal.

I love what I do still, which is bringing value and serving therapists, bring good value to patients at a profit and handling the complexities of therapy businesses and that’s some of the core reasons why I started Therapy Entrepreneurs.

Some stuff I aim to do includes teaching and showing therapists, therapy business owners, health groups and investors how to start, build, grow and even sell their therapy businesses.

A Little About Me

Clinically, I am an occupational therapist by training since 2005, and I specialize in hand and upper limb therapy. In 2008, I launched my one-therapist freelance business, and slowly grew with mistakes, growth, decision making and lots of juggling calculated risk and growth decisions to today having 5 clinics+ and more than 20+ therapists business. It is the classic story of a $65 startup that hustled to a 7-figure therapy business.

This is very summarized of my sweat, blood and tears from 2008 till today, and you can read more on that here, but truly, Therapy Entrepreneurs is written for therapists and health service providers (namely, you).

Here In Therapy Entrepreneurs

When I was studying therapy, I was very intrigued and interested in having my own private practice, but no matter where I turned to, there was very little books, courses and information on how therapists can build profitable businesses.

Since 2008, I have:

  • read and re-read hundreds of business books that covered things from marketing, finance, leadership, decision making, hiring/firing;
  • attended courses and seminars, both online and offline
  • consulted and sought advice from a board of advisors
  • joined forums and meetings with hundreds of individuals, from very senior therapists to really crappy ones, to meeting and negotiating with CEOs, CFOs and dealmakers since 2008

At a glance, I likely have spent easily more than $100,000 in both course/book/seminar fees and time spent in mulling, testing, applying and refining what I had learnt to take the best practices, on top of having the school of hard knocks of having landlords cheating me, really weird therapists that I actually endured for 2 years before finally firing them, and don't get me started on the weird/self-centered patients.

And that’s what I’m bringing to you here in Therapy Entrepreneurs.

It doesn't matter if all you want is to run a one-therapist freelance business/practice, or you want to build and scale up one that is six- or seven-figures with hiring and retaining the best therapists in the field.

I will show you how I did it, and how you can do it too.

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Here’s to your thriving and profitable therapy business!

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